About Us

If you have played house as a kid, or as we call it in India Ghar Ghar”, you already know why we do what we do.

For most of us, we would pick a box that is big enough to fit us and our friends, and in it, we would stuff whatever we can, to make it a little bit different from the others, and a little bit more like us. We are all still playing Ghar Ghar. Only, the boxes have become much bigger.

Ghar Ghar may look like a home décor company on the outside,

but on the inside, it is basically a group of people still obsessed with figuring out how to make our box forts the best in the neighbourhood, so that every kid on the block wants to come play with us.

We take that obsession along with cushions, rugs, ottomans, wall art, amongst other products, and invite you to change your home styling hassles into playtime, just like you did when you were a kid. And, just so the adult in you doesn’t interfere with playtime, we have made sure we that the quality, design, and techniques are taken care of. 

Your home should be your space in the world, and you should use any space you could get, to play. Why stop now?

Granted, you cannot have that slide connecting your bedroom to your living room, but doesn’t mean decorating your home cannot be fun. 

Drop us a line and we will show you how.